Simon was born at a very early age, some say too early but never mind. Born in Southampton General Hospital XX years ago. Insert your own age there and see if you can offend him. Tell him he looks 20 still and the price goes down! Whilst a toddler the Vertue’s moved to the Isle of Wight. His parents ran a grocery store called Vertue’s of Ventnor and it was there that the magic began. His Dad who also later transpired to be a magician as well got Simon hooked on Magic by making a tin of Baked Beans disappear! From that day forward Simon fell in love with magic and always wanted to be a magician when he grew up. At this point he was 5!

As youngster he read every magic book he could find at the library and every Saturday night would watch the Paul Daniels Magic Show. He would then take it upon himself to put on a magic show for his long suffering family every week. By this stage every friend and family member would be subjected to the latest trick at each gathering. All pocket money would go into the latest magic trick or kit released  and glued to the Television on a Saturday night watching Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, Doug Henning , Harry Blackstone, Lance Burton. Then a young blonde voice throwing magician stormed the scene – Wayne Dobson. Simon then had to watch BBC1 and then switch over to ITV to see Wayne’s It’s a Kind of Magic Show. By this point Simon would be present full shows to his entire school assemblies and enjoyed setting fire to his head teachers money.

Simon was at this point a member of his local Magic Club and this led  to him inventing a comedy character magician and his dad as an assistant whose head he then cut off and floated in spoof routine. This won him the Comedy Award in a national young magicians competition. This was also around the same time as when the comedy entries were Phil Butler and the serious ones were Richard Griffin, Roy Davenport and Anthony Owen. (What happened to them?)

At this point Simon’s family had moved back to Southampton and Simon had been attening Cantell Secondary School. Simon worked part time Front of House and  backstage at the Mayflower Theatre. Having left Cantell School Simon then attended Southampton Technical College and studied Television and Drama and passed with flying colours.  Having learnt Television Production techniques and theatre production and performance it was time to start gaining some professional performing experience and earning some money.

Simon left his home town of Southampton and signed up as a Butlin’s Redcoat. Butlin’s was the perfect place to watch and learn from top professional Cabaret Acts and of course have a go at your show as part of the Redcoat team shows along with mc spots. Simon used to introduce acts like; Des King, Keith the Thief, Shane Ritchie, Mike Osman, Bradley Walsh, Tim Raffles, Joe Pasquale and many more.

Simon then hung up the famous Red Coat and left Butlin’s having been signed up with full time Management Company; Brian Lane Management. Simon was straight out the road as a full time act. As a magical entertainer he was working all over the UK for great many different type of clients. Ranging from the Royal Marines Commandos to Haven Holiday Parks. Simon was about 19years old at this point and this resulted in him purchasing his first property.

Round about this time Simon had the privilege of being invited to entertain for Lord Cowdrey at Cowdrey Park. It was one of these occasion that he managed to rope Princess Eugene and Princess Beatrice into the show which was very nicely covered by Tatler Magazine. This led to a long line of prestigious functions and parties.

Simon had at this point earned his Equity card and was a member of the Associated Wizards of the South and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Simon was invited by ITV to appear as a Magician on The Time The Place, their daytime debate show. He was then invited back the following year for a Christmas special and with a little help from ITV managed to make Meridian Studios disappear.

When the recession first hit and people started pulling in their belts ITV returned to Simon and made a whole programme featuring his family and how they were making ends meet.

Simon had at this point left Brian Lane Management and therefore was no longer a managed act and therefore became a freelance Act. Simon remains an Equity member and enjoys the benefit of their £10 Million Public Liability Policy. He also works with well known and respected entertainment agents throughout the UK. Simon is currently a member of Sussex Magic Circle as he now lives in between Worthing and Brighton making the South Coast his home patch.

Simon has won competitions and awards in comedy magic, close up and card magic and Stage magic. Simon’s versatility as a magician means he can entertain from the youngest to the oldest and from a small one to one close up situations to a table at a dinner or a 900 seat cabaret venue or a 2000 seat theatre or a television studio.

Simon continues to work as a close up magician at weddings, parties, dinners and company events. As well as a regular cabaret act at Holiday Parks, Hotels, and Variety Stage shows etc.