Dove Magician

Simon Vertue – Dove Magician

Simon’s Speciality is he is a dove magician. Most of his cabaret and stage performances will include stunning visual magic with live doves.

Simon works with a range of animals from the traditional fluffy Rabbit in a hat to Doves, Chickens and even more.

There are probably less than a dozen professional Dove magicians in the UK. Simon conjures and create’s happy audiences with the difference and surprise that live doves brings. It some how seems a bit more magical if it is alive and real. This is a very specialist area due to the additional commitment and work that training animals brings.


Ever since Simon saw the likes of Lance Burton, Channing Pollock, Siegfried and Roy, Tim Raffles and the Bardini’s  Simon was hooked on the traditional notion of magic with animals. Bespoke performances with birds and animals can be arranged with sufficient lead in time, budget and a suitable venue. The safety and well being of the Birds is Simon’s top priority and therefore their involvement is entirely at his discretion. (Some venue’s are unsuitable or unsafe) The production of a live bird has always been a mysterious surprise which often leads to audible gasps, wows and spontaneous applause. Simon is an experienced handler and trainer of doves. The doves are hand tame and trained which means they are used to familiar with most show environments – loud music bright lights and smoke effects etc. Simon breaks the old show business rule and is prepared to work with children and animals (and is experienced in doing so) Simon is also happy to provide consultancy, training, handling, provision for television and film.

The Doves themselves are Java Doves. Java’s have always been popular with magicians as they are much smaller and more agile than some of their cousins. Doves are course part of the pigeon family. These birds do not home although some species can and these are not the same as the doves you may see released at wedding or in a film. Typically these are fan tail doves. Java’s travel well and don’t mind showing off occasionally. They are naturally white and fairly intelligent hence why they tame and train fairly well.